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To be the best, you have to be bold. The 2018 Cadillac Escalade. 


To be an artist in today's volatile art industry is to manifest audacious conviction. #Cadillac highlights three artists who have ventured to their furthest horizons to embody The Art of Daring.

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Far too many Americans have been impacted by gun violence. The stories of survivors and families of those taken by gun violence often go untold. Acclaimed director Spike Lee sat down with several NBA All Stars and dozens of members of the Everytown Survivor Network to hear how this issue has affected them - and what they're doing to affect change.

Raving response from the 44th POTUS!

MObile Application

A lover of sports Alex co-founded OpenGym, a minimum viable product (MVP) - mobile application. AVAILABLE on Apple iTunes App Store!


OpenGym is a mobile application designed to create real-life interactions through the activity of pick-up sports. A mobile space to find or create connections involving the world's greatest organizer; Sports.


Alex was instrumental in coordinating with University officials to reclaim and revamp the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., charter from a five-year absence. As President, Increased awareness through targeted promotions in various channels to engage a diverse audience that increased membership by 140. He influenced the campus community through numerous community projects, like the NURFC: Freedom Walk, and raised over $27,000 for service initiatives, sponsorships, and scholarships.