Creative Genius | JohN Legend

A 1-on-1 conversation with the EGOT-recipient (and relative), John Legend, as the keynote for #CultureCon powered by The Creative Collective NYC.

Full transparency: I’ve never studied journalism and to be completely honest this was my very first time moderating any panel or talk. I just had a slightly naive ambition to go out and deliver the best John Legend interview possible for the conference. I had two personals wishes for this interview:

  1. Get him to at least hum a note (anyone that knows him, knows he’s always humming or singing)

  2. Get him to read his essay, written when he was 15.

And he did both! For that I am thankful. We did no prep beforehand as he likes to keep things organic. There are parts that are definitely a little raw on my side, but overall John made it very easy for me. If the takeaway, after watching, is that you feel like your goals are just as attainable as they were for him then mission accomplished! Do enjoy!