Time, Our Collective Narrative

Time, quantum physics tells us doesn’t actually exist, is merely a fluid human construct. In what feels real to us. It is a story we tell ourselves in present tense, individually and together. 

It is a collective narrative, record-keeping and expectation, based on our relationship to previous events and anticipation of new occurrences. This act of introspection helps us determine our identity. Without this record, memory, and expectations of continuation, we would not experience time’s passage or even know who we are. Time, simply, is an emotional experience.

To spend time together is to be connected emotionally. So as we complete the observation of 2018, I am forever grateful for the experiences we've had together. You have made this year precious. And while we can make measure of time, in days and years, the value of our experiences are immeasurable. Short, long, forgotten, and remembered I cherish every moment.

The beauty of this day is the ability to sit and think of where you were and where we are now. The hustle and bustle of spring cleaning, summer travel, to fall relationships, reaches its peak during the holiday season. Yet, in this moment of calm I’d like to share some of my personal and spiritual lessons of 2018. May this moment of reflection produce posterity in 2019. Happy New Year!


  1. When you choose to complain you scare away the inspiration around you.

  2. Everything you need is around you. Just pay attention. 

  3. Sometimes the thing you want so badly is actually bad for you. If you didn’t get it, good! There’s something better for you. 

  4. Rejection is the universe whispering, “there’s something better for you.” A better time, opportunity, partner, role, mission, project...all dat.

  5. There are no boxes, except the ones you choose to accept or create. 

  6. The only thing we truly own in this natural world is our mind and body. Take care of both. They are the vessel through which purpose can be performed. Without your health, your are diminished greatly.

  7. We are deeper than our minds and bodies. Thoughts come and go, but sense of purpose remains.  

  8. Fear tells lies. 

  9. Where there is fear, there can be no love. 

  10. Our purpose is not static. What we are intended to do in this season, can and may change in the next.

  11. Schedule time for creativity. Some ideas flow easier than others, but you have to practice training the creative muscle. 

  12. You do NOT need permission, from anyone, to live a creative life. It is our inherit right.