Forget about competition, get lost in the mission.

Every man is given a gift, the gift of life. Life brings its many circumstances and positions, but in every process we are given a vision. Above any creature living on this earth, we have the power of imagination. A power our brains have to see, to feel, and to experience what is not present reality. Before this Mac device was sitting on my lap, Steve envisioned its existence. Generating light with the power of a switch wasn't realized until Edison saw a vision. Everything we see, we touch, or interact with was born from a vision. It is the gift of our vision that provides us with a mission and our purpose. 

Where the irony lives, however, is in our behavior and belief. Many of us have spent our entire lives chasing a position ---- President, Director, Partner, CEO with limited focus on our mission. I began to think about the different social gatherings I've been. You know the,  "Nice to meet you [insert random name]. I'm [insert your name here] . . . So. What do you do?" kind of gatherings. You then hear the template answers like "I'm a/an/the [insert job title here] at [insert company name]". We've almost been conditioned to believe our position defines our purpose. Position speaks to a status, a ranking. It tells us wether we're more or less. Position breeds competition and reiterates the idea of the "rat race". We even ask our friends and family to pray for our new position, job, or promotion. But have we ever asked why we seek a new position? Or do we already know it involves a competition with the Joneses.  

While I continued on the chase, I've soon realized; your position is designed by your mission. We've been given a mission on this earth. It is our decision to lose sight of comparison, and get lost in our mission. A bee never worries itself with the work of others, but it realizes its purpose. Let your mission remind you of your purpose.