Everything Was the Same

"Tuning into a show like Mad Men, it's clear that costumes have changed more in 50 years than office demographics. And today, advertising agencies are oddly reminiscent of the racially homogenous 1960s." Words from blog post here by Lincoln Stephens CEO and Co-Founder of the Marcus Graham Project. When I read this article and the book "How to Be Black & Get a Job In the Advertising Agency Business Anyway" I immediately remembered a Nielsen stat --- other demographic segments have identified Blacks as a driving force for popular culture, with 73% of Whites and 67% of Hispanics who believe Blacks influence mainstream American culture*. As a millennial, I typically view racial topics from a more rosy eyed perspective than past generations. But something is clearly missing. Major League Baseball, "America's Pastime" is suffering from similar black representation. NFL has clearly, surpassed the MLB's popularity today and Chris Rock seems to have an honest take here. Could the advertising industry hurt themselves the way MLB has?