Why NYE is so beautiful.

As I sit on a warm couch in the waning moments of 2014. I'm aware it's now 2015 somewhere, specifically in one of my favorite places in the world, Kyoto, Japan. I'm holding on to the precious moments I have in 2014, while in the Central Standard Time Zone. Not because of fear of the unknown in 2015, nor the subtle reminder that time is passing ever so quickly. It's for the same reasons I can explain why I enjoy  30-40 minute bathroom breaks. Friends and acquaintances often wondering where I went missing for so long, but it's not in the where its in the why. As the moments of 2014 drip like a drying faucet, I am able to appreciate the peace of reflection and intellection.

Reflection of the wonders, joys, and lessons i've experienced during the year. Intellection, an introspective and internal conversation of growth. The beauty of New Year's Eve Day is the ability to sit and think of where you started and where you are now. The hustle and bustle from the spring cleaning, summer travel, to fall relationships, reaches its peak during the holiday season. Yet, NYE is unofficially accepted as a moment of calm. 

This calm can be frightening, how often were we excited at the punishment of timeout. Sit in the corner to think, we're told, but oh how rewarding it is. In these moments are the fruit bearing ideas produced. With the remaining time left in 2014, take a chance to reflect. 2015 won't be the same, as no 2 days ever are. 2014 has come and gone and as we enter a new year with a boom, the calm will fade. May these quiet moments of reflection produce posterity in 2015. Happy New Year!